Log Cabin's July 2024 Potluck

One of our board members is hosting our Log Cabin Republicans July 2024 Potluck on Saturday, July 20, at 5 PM at his home in central Seattle.
Barbecue chicken, macaroni salad, and drinks of all sorts (beer, water, and sodas) will be provided.
Please RSVP to [email protected] letting him know if you’ll be coming and what you’d like to bring. This is a potluck, not a barbecue—shareable items that don’t require refrigeration are best. Think roasted/marinated veggies, vinaigrette-based potato salad, finger foods, chips, dips, baked beans, and cookies or brownies.
There is usually a lot of food at these events so if you are unable to bring something or forget that is fine too.
Here is your chance to hang with other like minded folks to discuss the issues of the day which of course there is always something to talk about.
If you need the address, let me know that when you RSVP.
We’re looking forward to it!
Kasey Frix
LCRW board member 
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