Log Cabin Republicans September Hike

Log Cabin Republicans of Washington is gonna to take a hike (some haters would love that) to Grand Park via Lake Eleanor in Mount Rainier National Park. This is a good way to socialize with other likeminded people along a semi-alpine route to beautiful and secluded Lake Eleanor and the amazing Grand Park meadow.
The WTA website says it’s an 8.7 mile hike (roundtrip) with a 1460' elevation gain reaching 5630' elevation. There are some steep areas but you do not have to grab onto rocks, trees or someone to pull yourself up. Bring shoes you can walk/hike in, walking sticks if you have them, lunch, plenty of water, maybe some bug spray and if weather requires it some waterproof attire.
PLEASE NOTE: This is located in the free cost north section of the national park and there is no state park or forest service fee in the parking area just outside the park at the trailhead.
We will meet at the trailhead on Saturday, September 30 at 10AM. If you are new to Log Cabin contact us if you are interested in ride sharing.
From Enumclaw WA, drive east on SR 410 for 25 miles. Turn right (south) onto Forest Service Road 73 crossing over Huckleberry Creek at 6 miles. After the Huckleberry Creek bridge, continue steeply up the hill on FS Road 73 for another 4 miles to the signed crossing at Eleanor Creek and park on the roadside. There is a small parking lot about 150 feet past the trailhead and additional shoulder parking beyond the lot. (Note that the Forest Service has revised the road numbering and some guidebooks and GPS systems may still identify the last mile before Eleanor Creek as FR 7360.)
There are some rough spots on Forest Service Road 73 but its accessible for high and low clearance vehicles.
Look for the gray SUV with the American Flag on the antenna.
Check out https://www.wta.org/go.../hikes/grand-park-via-lake-eleanor for additional information and photos.

Independence Day 2023

Happy Independence Day! 

247 years old? You don't look a day over 200. 

Log Cabin's May 2023 Meet up

Here is your chance to meet up with other liked minded gay and gay supportive Republicans to have dinner or just drinks and discuss the events of the day.
We are meeting in our regular location in north Seattle on the 20th (a Saturday) at 6pm. There is no speaker this month, its a chance to socialize. Its earlier than normal because of the Memorial Day weekend at the end of the month.
Please RSVP here or at logcabin[email protected] and we shall send you the details.
We hope to see you there!

Log Cabin Republicans Washington April Gathering

Happy President's Day

Its to celebrate all the US Presidents, the ones you love and the ones you love less.

Happy Hanukah 2022

Never forget Pearl Harbor

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Log Cabin 2022 Endorsements

Here is the list of the Log Cabin Republicans Washington endorsement for the state legislature in 2022:

(Please note, the local chapter cannot endorse candidate for federal offices) 

For the State House of Representatives: 

Andy Barkis 2nd LD

JT Wilcox 2nd LD

Scotty Nichols 3rd LD

Natalie Poulsen 3rd LD

Suzanne Schmidt 4th LD

Leonard Christian 4th LD

Ken Moninski 5th LD

Chad Magendanz 5th LD

Mike Volz 6th LD

Jenny Graham 6th LD

Joel Kretz 7th LD

Jacquelin Maycumber 7th LD

Stephanie Barnard 8th LD

April Connors 8th LD

Mary Dye 9th LD

Joe Schmick 9th LD

Karen Lesetmoe 10th LD

Greg Gilday 10th LD

Jeanette Burrage 11th LD

Keith Goehner 12th LD

Mike Steele 12th LD

Alex Ybarra 13th LD

Tom Dent 13th LD

Chris Corry 14th LD

Gina Mosbacker 14th LD

Bryan Sandlin 15th LD

Mark Klicker 16th LD

Skyler Rude 16th LD

Kevin Waters 17th LD

Paul Harris 17th LD

Greg Cheney 18th LD

Stephanie McClintock 18th LD

Jim Walsh 19th LD

Ed Orcutt 20th LD

Janelle Cass 21st LD

Kate Plager 22nd LD

Loretta Byrnes 22nd LD

Janell Hulst 23rd LD

Paige Jarquin 23rd LD

Brian Pruiett 24th LD

Kelly Chambers 25th LD

Cyndy Jacobsen 25th LD

Spencer Hutchins 26th LD

Michelle Caldier 26th LD

Jalonnie Jackson 27th LD

Janet Large 27th LD

Gabe Sachwitz 28th LD

Susanna Keilman 28th LD

Brett Johnson 29th LD

David Figuracion 29th LD

Casey Jones 30th LD

Ashli Tagoai 30th LD

Drew Stokesbury 31st LD

Eric Robertson 31st LD

Daniel Griffey 35th LD

Travis Couture 35th LD

Gary Kemp 38th LD

Mark James 38th LD

Sam Low 39th LD

Carolyn Eslick 39th LD

Al Rosenthal 41st LD

Tawsha Thompson 42nd LD

Mark Harmsworth 44th LD

Ryne Rohla 44th LD

Cherese Bourgin 45th LD

Kyle Lyebyedyev 47th LD

Park Llafet 49th LD

Jeremy Baker 49th LD

For the State Senate: 

Jeff Holy 6th LD

Shelly Short 7th LD

Matt Boehnke 8th LD

Judy Warnick 13th LD

Nikki Torres 15th LD

Janelle Cass 21st LD

Jesse Young 26th LD

Ashley Ray 27th LD

Terry Harder 29th LD

Linda Kochmar 30th LD

Bernard Moody 38th LD

Simon Sefzik 42nd LD

Jeb Brewer 44th LD

Ryika Hooshangi 45th LD

Bill Boyce 47th LD

Michelle Darnell 48th LD

Remember do not be good little Republicans and mail in/drop off your ballot as soon as you receive it in the mail. Wait until Election Day on November 8th to do that.















Independence Day

Happy Birthday America!

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