Log Cabin Republicans April 2024 Meet Up

Join Log Cabin Republicans of Washington for our April gathering where we provide the opportunity for connections and can discuss the latest issues of the day.
This month Chad Magendanz will be our speaker. He is running for SPI (Superintendent of Public Instruction aka School Superintendent for WA). This position is current held by Democrat Chris Reykdahl who needs to be defeated badly. Chad will discuss the campaign and perhaps issues like Critical Race Theory.
Note that this year at the State GOP Convention in Spokane, the convention will endorse a candidate for SPI. There are a number of other GOP candidates for the position. If one candidate is endorsed by the convention the others have agreed to suspend their campaigns.
Our meet up is April 27, 2024 which is a Saturday. It starts at 6:00PM and our gatherings there usually run for about three hours.
We have been able to return to a restaurant in North Seattle where we'll have our own private dining room where you can order dinner and or beverages if you desire.
There is street parking, good access to/from Interstate 5 and it’s on two major bus lines.
Please RSVP here or at [email protected] and we'll provide the name and location of the restaurant.
Save the date and bring a friend, we look forward to seeing you!
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