Log Cabin Republicans March 2024 Meet up

Its that time again-time for Log Cabin's monthly meet up. As always this gives you the chance to chat with likeminded (or almost likeminded) people about events of the day, politics, living in the deep blue Seattle metro area, etc.
This month though Jim Walsh who is a state representative and the chairman of the state GOP will be our speaker. He will discuss this years legislative session and the six (now three) big ballot initiatives in November among other things.
March 30 is the Saturday before Easter. We start at 6PM and our meetings end at 9PM and we have our own private dining area. There is street and lot parking in the area, good freeway access and on two major bus lines.
If you have been to our events before you will know that we are meeting in the same location in north Seattle. It is a restaurant with food and beverages available for purchase if you want them. If you are an infrequent attendee or new to Log Cabin Republicans, RSVP here or at our website, logcabinwashington.org or at the email [email protected] or Instagram at logcabinwashingtonstate.
We look forward to seeing you. 
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