Log Cabin Republicans of Washington October Social

Log Cabin Washington is having its October Social.
It will held on Saturday the 23rd from 6pm to 9pm. 
Come hang out, eat and or drink if you want and be Republican with other like minded people.
There's a lot to discuss: The divide being created between the vaccinated and unvaccinated; "Clean up on Aisle" 46 aka Joe Biden; Local issues; being Republican in a dark Blue metro area, being Republican within the gay community and a lot more.
It has been a struggle to find a meeting place that will accommodate a group and will not require proof of vaccination.
However we were able to find a location in Seattle where we can meet in a private meeting area.
Its on two major bus lines, has neighborhood parking, decent freeway access, has food, wine, beer and its not in a gay bar.
We will provide the location name and address once you indicate will attend.
Please respond to [email protected]
We look forward to seeing you. 

President Trump must move forward with SCOTUS nominee

In 1956, Dwight Eisenhower’s pre-election recess appointment of a Democrat, William Brennan, in mid-October was confirmed as a lifetime appointment in Ike’s second term after he was reelected and the Democrats continued to hold the Senate.

In 2016 Justice Scalia died, Obama nominated Merrick Garland as his nominee as was his right as President. The Senate as was their right, ignored the nomination.

There is no precedent for willingly delaying nominating someone for the SCOTUS.

A Democrat President would do it so fast our heads would spin off our shoulders.

President Trump should go for it.

Log Cabin Republicans Endorsements Part 2

Here are just some of the candidates Log Cabin Republicans of Washington have endorsed for the election. LCRW endorsed almost all the GOP candidates for the legislature. A few had no contact information or online presence that could be located. Several were downright bizarre. One candidate commented that we were hopeless sinners (that must mean thanks but not thanks so LCRW did not endorse that candidate).

Our endorsement does not come with conditions but the response was very positive.

You may know some of these candidates and think "huh?" but to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally-not a 20 percent traitor”. Log Cabin's positions as stated in our mission statement is in line with most of the Republican candidates running. We need to have a united front more than ever this year. The Left loves to say each election is the most important one in our lifetime. Well, this one just may be the most important one in our lifetime.

The LD means legislative district and the (i) means incumbent.

Remember to vote on November 3.

Unless you are a Democrat then remember to vote on November 4.

LD 1, position 1 Adam Bartholomew
LD 2, position 1 Andrew Barkis (i)
LD 2, position 2 JT Wilcox (i)
LD 20, State Senator John Braun (i)
LD 19, position 1 Jim Walsh (i)
LD 14, State Senator Curtis King (i)
LD 20, position 1 Peter Abbarno
LD 10, position 1 Greg Gilday (i)
LD 5, position 1 Ken Moninski
LD 23, position 1 April Ferguson
LD 22, position 2 Dusty Pierpoint
LD 25, position 2 Cyndy Jacobsen
LD 30, position 1 Martin Moore
LD 3, State Senator Dave Lucas
LD 38, State Senator Bernard Moody
LD 23, position 2 Elaina Gonzales-Blanton
LD 10, State Senator Ron Muzzall (i)
LD 24, State Senator Connie Beauvais
LD 41, position 2 Al Rosenthal
LD 39, State Senator Keith Wagoner (i)
LD 15, position 2 Jeremie Dufault (i)
LD 42, position 2 Jennifer Sefzik
LD 16, position 2 Skyler Rude (i)
LD 39, position 2 Carolyn Eslick (i)
LD 8, position 2 Matt Boehnke (i)
LD 17, State Senator Lynda Wilson (i)
LD 46, position 1 Eric J Brown
LD 47, position 2 Kyle Lyebyedyev

Log Cabin Endorsements

Log Cabin Republicans of Washington endorse the following for State Offices:

Governor: Loren Culp
Lt. Governor: Joshua Freed (Write In)
Secretary of State: Kim Wyman
Treasurer: Duane Davidson
Auditor: Chris Leyba
Attorney General: Matt Larkin
School Superintendent: Maia Espinoza
Public Lands Commissioner: Sue Kuehl Pederson

Protests Expose Lockdown and Social Distancing were a farce

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